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Published: 05th July 2010
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Having thoughts in owning a highly developed tools in the bike which makes it the finest in its division?Get more from the new Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler.Get the hottest quality out of the honda, cb unicorn, dazzler, 150, review and see for yourself why you don't need to look for other motorbike kind.

Boasting off its 150cc enhanced engine, the bike transmit outstanding act with 14 BHP power.It is made up of tubeless tyres and alloy wheels and suggests preeminent pick- up and mileage blend in the sector.lIt is composed of tubeless tyres and alloy wheels and gives out the finest pick- up and mileage combined in the division.CB Unicorn Dazzler will bring a mileage of 60kmpl*.Along with the bike is a maintenance free battery and tacky air filter for more handiness.Firmly sticking to the BS- III standard, it is environment friendly akin to all other Honda family.What other features does this honda, cb unicorn, dazzler, 150, review have?

List of Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler Price and Feature:lHow much and what can you get from a Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler?

- Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler price is Rs. 62,900 (ex showroom Delhi).
- Powered with 150cc reformed engine
- comes with aggressive styling, advanced equipments, blistering performance.
- Has impressive mileage of 60 kmpl*.
- Maintenance free battery & viscous air filter for more convenience
- Other attractive features include: two-tone seat, new design mirror, handle bar weights, 3D emblem, digital meter and front & rear disc brake.
- Available in 4 attractive colours - Armour Gold Metallic, Pearl Nightstar Black, Sword Silver Metallic and Pearl Siena Red.

If you buy this kind of motorcycle surely there will be no regret because of its amazing features.Of course, you will see other motorbikes out in the market.lThere might be a whole lot of other motorcycles out there. You may admire its appearance but come to think of it?Are its features admirable too?Having a deep understanding with the motorcycle you're about to buy must save you from the hassle of spending too much.

In buying a motorcycle, you must take into consideration everything and should know how things work.
This honda, cb unicorn, dazzler, 150, review will be useful for you.

For a start you first have to set a budget to ensure that you do not become too attached to a motorbike that you cannot afford.
Many people are just used to buying cars so they have no experience in what it takes to buy a motorbike, how that does that not mean they should be put off buying one; in fact almost the exact opposite!

Buying a bike involves also involves developing a short list of what you are considering. When you are truly decided on acquiring a bike such as the Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler, then your search is almost finish, although some of us might have different preferences.lWhen the time has come that you have decided on what to buy, you're one step closer in getting the motorcycle of your dreams such as the Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler. Some will decide that they just want a bike and are not too sure about make, model or even engine size. Some researches and gets full details on the bike they're going to acquire.

We are all unique when it comes to our differences in taste and style, a good product review such as honda, cb unicorn, dazzler, 150, review is well- worth of your time reading. After reading this, honda, cb unicorn, dazzler, 150, review has once again proven its vitality in convincing clients alike.

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